Eco-Nomics TM

Designing Sustainable and Resilient Systems

Joseph Fiksel

 In a tightly-connected,
 turbulent world,
 resilience is the first step
 on the journey to

Welcome to Eco-Nomics, the private practice of Joseph Fiksel. Now an emeritus faculty member at The Ohio State University, Joseph was one of the original thought leaders in the field of enterprise sustainability and resilience. He has consulted for corporations, government agencies, and non-profit consortia in the U.S. and around the world.

Joseph and his trusted collaborators take a systems approach to innovation and evaluation of new technologies, policies, and business models. This approach considers not just the intended costs and benefits for key stakeholders, but also the hidden risks, trade-offs, and unexpected consequences of strategic decisions. We believe that:
• Natural disasters, technological failures, and socioeconomic disruptions are becoming more frequent
• Unsustainable economic development patterns are a threat to environmental and social well-being
• Urban areas are experiencing increasing pressures on natural resources and infrastructure
• Traditional risk management cannot protect against turbulent change and unforeseen threats
• Responses to crises are often driven by short-term priorities and may not consider systemic issues
• Resilience today is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for achieving sustainability in the future
• Integrated science and system modeling are needed to support policy and strategic decision making

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