Eco-Nomics TM

Designing Sustainable and Resilient Systems

Joseph Fiksel

Joseph Fiksel continues to work on selected projects with trusted partners at 
The Ohio State University and private consultancies

Current Projects

Circular Economy. Joseph is leading an Ohio State project funded by the U.S. Consulate in Mumbai, India, to encourage waste management innovation in India, including adoption of circular economy practices. He chaired a major conference in Mumbai in April 2017, which resulted in seed grants for several Indian organizations. 

Sustainable Watersheds. Joseph is working with Industrial Economics, Inc. in support of the U.S. EPA's Triple Value Simulation (3VS) program, which seeks integrated solutions to nutrient pollution in several U.S. coastal regions. The approach was developed under Joseph's leadership while he was on loan to EPA.

Monetization of Sustainability Benefits. Joseph is working with Antea Group and The Ohio State University to develop a comprehensive approach for quantifying the benefits of sustainability improvement to both corporations and their key stakeholder groups, including suppliers, customers, and communities.