Eco-Nomics TM

Designing Sustainable and Resilient Systems

Joseph Fiksel

       Recent Books

Based on successful  strategies practiced at dozens of major corporations, Design for Environment (2011) offers a business rationale for developing sustainable products and processes, as well as a comprehensive toolkit for practicing product life-cycle management. This unique resource reveals how environmental innovation creates business value and helps companies to meet global energy and environmental challenges.

"A comprehensive and inspiring guide that provides a powerful case for integration of environmental principles into product development ... Essential reading for any organization putting DFE into practice."

Ken Strassner, Vice President, Global Environment, Safety, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

“A must read for all practitioners...makes the most compelling case yet for a more integrated and holistic approach to DFE....Green initiatives must increase profitability to be truly sustainable, and Dr. Fiksel provides the blueprint for how global companies are...winning in the marketplace."

 Jim Lime, Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety, ConAgra Foods

As managers grapple with the challenges of a hyper-connected, volatile global economy, they are striving to improve their company’s resilience—its capacity to survive, adapt, and flourish in the face of turbulent change. Rich with case studies, Resilient by Design (2015) shows how resilient enterprises can adapt successfully to a changing business environment by anticipating disruptions, seizing opportunities, building strong relationships, and designing resilient assets, products, and processes.

"…Helps organizations to think about how to succeed, survive and adapt in our increasingly complex world…This book provides relevant lessons learned and frameworks for dealing with change."

Chad Holliday, Chairman of the Board, Royal Dutch Shell

"Dr. Fiksel has here made a tremendous contribution by showing us not only the theory but the opportunity of resilience for our society and planet."

Neil Hawkins, Corporate Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer
The Dow Chemical Company

"…Shows how resilience can be designed into core business processes, and offers fascinating real-world stories of resilience in action…provides insight into how resilience aligns with the interests of business, society and the environment, making each stronger and more productive."

Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group